Apexlistings offers an opportunity to work from home in Kenya.  A freelancer can list a gig which is a service he/she is willing to offer at a price. This service should be a work from home service that the freelancer can offer at the comfort of his/her home. This article looks at what online services are, how they should be designed and how to drive sales.


Check out Examples of services here to understand how basic services look like.


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Many youths are looking for opportunities to work from home in Kenya to supplement their income, one of the best ways is to join a freelance platform, craft your services and sell them via social media. It is not as easy as it sounds. There are several steps to be followed to achieve success.


Step One: Choose a service that has demand


While it is okay to have several services or gigs listed, your number one gig should be the one with the highest demand. This service will help you sell your other less popular services. Most clients look for data entry services, research services & writing services. As a freelancer, you need basic research skills to find out what services sell best on the platform you joined.


Click here to check the jobs getting posted on Apexlistings to understand the services you need to create.


Aim for specific titles and not general titles. Examples of specific service titles are;


Essay Proofreading Service

Excel Data Entry Service

LinkedIn Research Service

Audio Transcription Service

Price Sourcing Service

Proposal Writing Service

Logo design Service

Mpesa Integration Service etc


If your service reads, “writing service” ,it is not clear what you write about hence the buyer will not be sure to contact you but if you are specific then you dramatically increase your conversion rate. If a buyer calls you, they know you do proposal writing so they only call you to enquire about proposal writing.


Step two: Master How To Craft your services


When people search for work from home in Kenya, what they want is to find a “ready” job, do it and get paid. But this is mostly not the case. It is almost impossible to get an online job the same day you search for one. This means an investment needs to be made. This investment comes in different forms; time, money, patience, hard work, smart decisions etc. It is all a collective effort that is only tough at the beginning.

“Don't worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try.” ― Jack Canfield

Once you identify a service that is on demand, craft it in a way that sells. Give as much detail as possible to convince the client that you are detail oriented. The golden rule is to always have a competitive advantage over other service providers. For example, if you are offering a data entry service your competitive advantage could be to offer 10 entries free so that the client can check and confirm you are on the right track with regards to the job description. It is not always necessary but helps you stay ahead of competition.


Have a base price. This price only acts as an estimate. You may have to quote a different price once you have a picture of what the buyer wants. This should be agreed upon during the first initial phase of negotiation to avoid confusion later on.

On our platform; Apexlistings, each service you add can have a contact detail listed in form or an email or phone number. Kenyan buyers want fast service and that is the reason why it is very beneficial to add contact details where buyer clients can reach you.


Step Three: Sell your services, let's see the numbers


This is the step that most freelancers shy away from. No matter how best you craft your service, it requires a lot of exposure in order to get sales. Make use of social media to drive sales. If you have a marketing budget you can access a wide range of marketing options however there are many free options for starters. Share your services to your friends, classmates, colleagues, and groups you have joined. If you are working independently without a platform, it can work for you however a platform helps you in building trust especially with payments. At Apexlistings, the client’s money is held in Escrow until you deliver your service. This can be your selling point because you put the buyer at ease. If you fail to deliver, the money may be released back to the buyer.


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If you are looking for work from home in Kenya, get rid of unrealistic expectations. Know what the truth is. Check out the harsh realities of making money online. There is no set and go. It a work-in-progress affair that requires some level of dedication and a supportive platform. At Apexlistings, you have different earning channels. First, sell your services but while you wait for sales, check out any open jobs and place a bid. If you win the job, do it and submit to the buyer but if you still can’t win a job you may want to check how to write a winning bid; while you do that, participate on our earning offers; write articles for us, design social media adverts for us or simply Refer your friends & earn Ksh 500 every time 5 of your friends post a service or buy a service. Your Apexlistings account runs on a monthly subscription fee of only Ksh 299 with more than 5 earning opportunities available for freelancers who want to earn.


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