Being a successful freelancer takes into account many factors. Of course you may have the best writing skills, or you are best designer or any other freelancer, with speed and accuracy and everything. However, landing a certain task will so much depend on how you write your bid. Clients go for the best bidders which is the basis of their selection for the one to do their task. Therefore, while having skills in a given area is the best thing that you can be, it is equally important that one knows what it takes to write a perfect winning bid. This article highlights the important areas to consider when you want to write a winning bid.

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     Get to read and understand client's requirements

While one may be rushing to be the first to write a bid, one thing that is normally forgotten is going thoroughly through the requirements of the client. A client for example may require that you start with a particular word which you may miss out if you did not read the requirements well. Reading the requirements also ensures that one knows what the client wants and is therefore in a position to offer the required services and avoid disappointing the client.


     Be considerate with pricing as much as possible

Your bid amount says a lot. While your bid amount should not be so low, it should as well not be too much. In fact, if you bid too low or too high the client assumes you did not understand the job. Apexlistings allows for prices to be quoted as budget ranges which can be a little tricky for the freelancer.

The freelancer needs to be realistic with the price. For example if the client quoted a price range of between Ksh 2000 to 5000, it is not clear if he is inclined towards the 2000 or towards the 5000. If he is inclined towards 5000 and you quote 2000, he will be skeptical and the opposite is also true. Therefore you need to quote according to the amount of work you anticipate. In cases where the amount of work is not clear, you need to mention that your quote is figurative and you are open for negotiation. Your price should reflect your confidence in delivering quality of work. This means you won't overwork for less and you wont overcharge for less.

Beginners in freelancing should first focus on building their reputation which means that they should consider average bid pricing. Apexlistings shows the average bid on any job hence beginners can quote around the average bid. As reputation goes up, one can slowly raise their pricing if they wish to.


    Write a clear and concise bid description

So you have the right pricing? Well, clients will still have several people with the right pricing but will still want one of them or just a few. So the next thing they will consider is how well you are suited for the work. They will rely on the information that you have given them in the description. The key to a good bid description is in length and the wording. The description should be average size of a paragraph or two unless the client specified otherwise. Your short description should then be enticing as much as possible. Make it your sales tool. Some clients may specify the number of words to use like below or above 50. Take this seriously and you will surely win.

Show the client that you are approachable with words such as "we can discuss more", "we can agree" etc

Show the client that you are interested by asking simple questions like "do you have prefered colors for the logo? if the job you are bidding on is a logo design job"

Give the client a little push such as "Click on my name to access my full profile"

Mention related tasks you have done in the past.


    Be yourself

In as much as you need to impress and sell yourself appropriately, don’t be tempted to overdo it. Be honest about your skills and how long you may finish the work. Overconfidence will most likely not impress anyone. Let your description match the quality of work you will present. This will impress your clients and they will give you a high rating. Do not bid on a job you can't do. Buyers hate it when they pick you and you ask them how to do it. Seeking clarification is different from asking how the job is done. A question like, which software do you want me to use to create your logo is so irritating. We have had a Buyer pick a freelancer 3 times for Business Plan task because the first 2 freelancers didn't have the required skills despite bidding at Ksh 10,000.


     Bid as many times as you can

Do you know which one of your bids will win? You are not sure given that the employer is the one who selects the winning bid, what you can do is to bid on as many jobs as you can. Within no time, you will become a bidding master and your bids will never go unnoticed. If you are still not winning your bids you may consider checking the Common mistakes freelancers make on Apexlistings.


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