A good freelance writer can turn a dull piece of article for your website, product, or advertisement to something exciting and that is why everybody needs one at some point.


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My friend recently started her own business and what better way to promote it than having an online presence.  However, she wanted to do all the work on her own to cut down costs. Even went ahead and asked, 'how hard can it be?' Well, she was about to find out

‘I can create the content and write articles for my new website on my own, I don’t need to hire a professional writer. That is just an extra cost I cannot afford right now. Besides, how hard can it be?’

As a small or upcoming business owner, you may love writing, and you have the right education and training to craft great content on your own. After all, you are the closest person to your business and know what's best for it. You are ideally in a better position to answer questions about what your company has to offer.  However, some do not have the time or desire to become professional writers. But the truth is, not everyone can write well- even about what you know. And even fewer know what their readers want to hear.

When faced with a task that you cannot complete on your own or recognize the need for written content, often times people will look for someone to hire. Obviously, in these instances, you want to hire a professional who completes those kinds of projects for a living, someone with the expertise and know-how, someone who can be trusted to deliver the results on time.

Here's how to hire a freelancer with Apexlistings

"A good freelance writer can turn a dull piece of article for your new website, product, or advertisement and turn it into something captivating- something that truly captures your brand's tone of voice and create a lasting impression on your customers."

However, you might still question whether it is worth hiring a freelance writer.

Of course, there is the intrinsic risk of hiring someone you don't know. Is the person dependable? Can they finish the job? Are they worth the pay? These are valid concerns, getting a freelancer to complete the task gets easier once you realize that you will even be getting more bang for your buck.


"How?" you ask. Here's how:


                                      Bad writing can ruin your brand image


A piece of writing littered with poor grammar, typos and misplaced punctuation is unappealing, looks unprofessional, and says one thing about your business, 'negligence'. Many people decide not to work with a company or buy products on a certain website if the writing is rife with errors. Have you ever looked up a business online and immediately been discouraged by their website? Well, you are not alone. If you are not bothered to spellcheck an article before uploading it to your website, the potential future customers will question your attitude to your business. 

Freelance writers have vast experience in content writing. We ensure that your article is always on point and well written. It is, after all, the public voice of your brand. When doing a content writing job for a brand, the one question we often keep in mind and workaround is; if I were a customer, will I be impressed by this?

We work hard to ensure that your business and website is appealing and professional right from the start.


                                       Skilled writers save you time


"I will write that article/ create that poster after I'm done balancing these books" or "I will post these ads on my social media pages after my lunch meeting" Sounds familiar?

While you might like the idea of writing all your content on your own, it will take up a significant amount of time. Constructing a carefully written, insightful, error-free piece of copy requires some time and quiet to get your creative juices flowing. Yes, you may be a marketing professional with your own business but you are already leading a busy life. If your schedule is packed regularly, content creation will slip all the way to the bottom of your to-do-list. Worse still, you might put it off.

 It is at this point that you should consider hiring a freelance writer and save a lot of time. This is what freelance writers are experts at, often working from home where they are free from the distractions of a conventional workplace. Hire freelance writers to take care of things like SEO research, email marketing, and content strategy. By delegating tasks to a professional, you can check that off the list of things to do and focus on other important aspects of running a business.

We can complete in an hour what would take you weeks in sporadic snatched moments to achieve. So work on your strengths and hire a professional to work on theirs.


                                          Writers can convert readers into customers


Freelance writers are not only good at writing; they have mastered the art of persuasion. Content creation is much more than just sales. It is about eloquent, fanciful wording. At the end of the day, the main goal is to get your readers to take action. To achieve this, you need to elicit some kind of emotional response: could be excitement, joy, or fear of missing out.

Articles that are poorly written will not achieve this. Instead, it will bore the pants off people.  It is easy to set up a digital platform, but it is way harder to create a compelling brand that is going to wow the customer.

Your customers do not have the chance to touch and feel your products in person, so they need a little convincing. You need real words, real thoughts, and real writing if you want to make that sale. Professional freelance writers have mastered optimizing content for SEO which is what is going to help you get visitors in the first place. While it is easy to identify which words and phrases you need to target in order to generate the right audience, it is not so in working them skillfully into a natural-sounding copy.

Writing is a skill. Persuasive writing is an even more advanced skill. A freelance writer will be able to tell a story, capture an audience, and encourage people to make a decision. We can convert readers to leads and leads to customers. A great freelance writer will be able to establish a meaningful connection.


                                                You are too close to your business


No matter the industry, there will always be a writer particularly suited for your needs. You may be an expert in your field but it is important to remember that your customers won't be. Of course, you will be excited to go on and on about all the industry jargon and technicalities of your business in-depth, but very few people will take the time to read it. If they don't know what is going on, they will find somewhere else where they will be explained in terms they understand.

Hiring a freelance writer is the ideal solution to your over-complication woes. We are skilled at grasping meaty concepts and presenting them in a clear, understandable way.


                                          Professionals have diverse knowledge and experience


When you hire a freelance writer, he/she likely has several years of experience in your field. You are able to benefit from the writer's diverse knowledge and experience.  Overtime, freelance writers have written for dozens or even hundreds of companies, gaining the experience it comes with.

 Each time a freelance writer created content for the client, the freelancer adds to their growing knowledge. As that knowledge accumulates and experiences broaden, their writings become richer and they have more dynamic content for their client.

Also, the majority of freelance writers have skills beyond writing. It will benefit you a great deal to take note of your freelancer's additional skills because they will, undoubtedly come in handy sometime in the future.

Even if online writing jobs are our livelihood, we all want to be resourceful in whatever ways we can.


                                                Minimal commitment needed


The best thing about hiring a freelance writer is that you hire someone when you need their skills and expertise.  Keeping people with niche skills on your staff will get expensive, especially for small businesses.

As a business grows, it's tough to determine who to hire and what to commit to. There is a lot of risk in hiring full-time professionals. If the business goes south, you still have an obligation to the people on your payroll. With a freelance writer, there isn't the same level of commitment. You can place orders when you are able to. This makes freelance writing sites especially appealing to growing businesses.

You are on your way to finding the best freelance writers here on Apexlistings. All you need is a free Buyer Account to get you started. You can Post Jobs For Free and start interviewing interested writers who bid on your job. The best thing is that you will find a freelancer writer based on your own budget.