Free Freelancer Plan is a limited time account offer created to address Buyer needs. We observe our support channels closely and we implement solutions from time to time in order to better the user experience on the Platform. We received requests from Buyers to increase the number of available services. In return we created a free limited membership plan to enable freelancers create services for our Buyers.


How does Free Freelancer benefit the Buyers?

For the Buyers, this will give them

  • Wider Range of Services to choose from
  • Reduced Hiring time


How does Free Freelancer benefit the Freelancers?

For the freelancers, this account operates on a free plan hence saving them the (Ksh 99) monthly membership fee.


Who qualifies for Free Freelancer Plan?

Any interested freelancer can register for this account and offer basic to advanced skills.


What happens when the Offer is closed?

Once we close the offer, your account will still operate under the free plan however no new registrations will be allowed. Buyers will therefore continue to order your services.


What are the limitations to the Free Freelancer?

For this plan, a freelancer will not bid for jobs and only one of their services will be approved unlike the normal Freelancer Plus account which offers unlimited bidding and at least 2 services.


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