Why get verified?


It is highly unlikely that a Buyer will contact you if your profile has a dark label showing you as "Not Verified"

Buyers need to trust you in order to assign you some work. Our website is open to registrations from anyone BUT we need to have standardization and we introduced verification so that we are able to know more about the Freelancers we are recommending to our Buyers. An ID, alongside your academic certificates, is required in verification so as to ensure the Freelancer is of legal age.


 *Important update: Due to growing number of requests, we will process verification requests one a week on Wednesdays. Please ensure you have attached an ID and at least one of your certificates.

Get a green label on your profile that shows you as a verified freelancer

  • You get trust from Buyers, Most buyers prefer to work with verified freelancers
  • You stand out from other Freelancers who are not yet verified
  • You enjoy lower withdrawal fees from 20% to 10% on Amounts less than 10,000
  • You qualify to enter our dispute resolution center where you can always seek help when things go wrong with a client.
  • You can start earning from our internal offers

                                              Verified Freelancer Apexlistings

The following are the most important things to consider in order to get verified

1. Fill out the form below accurately

Attach any of your academic certficates (Degree, Diploma, Certificates) and your ID in a single pdf file.

It is not a requirement that your skills match the type of certificate you attach. This is because some skills are self learnt. During registration, Freelancers agree to our terms which also include choosing skills which they are good at.


We will classify your verification based on your academic papers into either Bronze OR Silver

We also have other levels such as Gold & Platinum which the freelancer can only earn over a period of time.


2. Ensure that the ID number on your profile matches the ID you uploaded.

In case they don't match for any reason, contact support before proceeding.


3. Add your Main Phone number that will be used for Mpesa Transactions, note that phone numbers are only changed via requests to our Admins.


4. If you are using your Business Name to offer services, you may attach certificate of incorporation.


5. Your ID will be used to verify only 1 account under Freelancer Plus. 


6. Verification is free Under Freelancer Plus


7. If you are on Freelancer Plus membership Ensure you have an active subscription at the time of application otherwise your request will not be processed and you will be required to reapply after subscription.


NOTE: We have placed very clear instruction as mentioned above, we will therefore NOT contact any freelancer who submits partial requirements e.g ID only OR Certificates only, to ask them to resubmit. ALL REQUESTS WHICH DO NOT MEET THE REQUIREMENTS WILL BE DISREGARDED. However we have support channels where freelancers can seek help.