Terms of Service     


This website was built to help Buyer clients meet with Freelancer clients. Apexlistings helps freelancers to market their services and also enter into "safe" contracts with Buyers. It also provides a platform where Buyers can buy services and make payments. Safe contracts are those contracts which follow our guidlines as outlined below

  • The contract should be a contract that can fully be executed online without physical meeting between parties.
  • The contract should only be started after the Freelancer accepts the offer
  • The freelancer should only accept the offer after full understanding and in agreement with the contract terms (Requirements and budget)

We do not interfere with the hiring process, it is the Buyer who decides whom to award the contract to.

Apexlistings is not a party to the contract between a Buyer and a Freelancer, we are only a link between the two parties and our involvement is limited.

Apexlistings is not accountable for the qualification of freelancers for their selected skills. Buyers are advised to personally screen applicants and choose according to their liking.

Apexlistings will ONLY be involved in conflict resolution if the Freelancer involved is a VERIFIED FREELANCER.

Apexlistings is also not accountable for the job postings posted by Buyers, Freelancers are advised to only bid for jobs within their skills, have clear instructions and to only begin a job after the OFFER has been sent. Freelancers can report suspicious job ads.

We provide guarantee to Buyers that money will only be released to freelancers(By them or by Admins) after work has been delivered.The quality of work delivered can only be measured by the Buyer who will thereafter give relevant ratings to the freelancer. Retakes can be discussed by the two parties if changes are needed.

We provide guarantee to Freelancers that they will receive their payments after delivering the complete work if 1. The offer was accepted before work began 2. The job progress was marked as 100% complete by the freelancer.

If conflict arises & all communication was done via Apexlistings and;

1. The Buyer can prove that the freelancer completely failed(Did not follow instructions), money will be returned to the Buyer

2. The freelancer can prove that the Buyer completely failed(Did not release payment after receiving work), money will be released to the Freelancer

3. If it is not clear as to which party failed and work was delivered (though not as the buyer wanted), money will be split among the parties.

If conversations were made through phone calls or any other platform outside our messaging platform, the Buyer has more rights to withdraw his money and our customer service desk has very little to help the freelancer.



When you register for an account you agree that;

The information you provide is true and accurate with regards to your name, Identification details, skills mentioned and every other detail you supply.

Only one user (You) will operate the account and take full responsibility of the account.

Where Business name was used to register for freelancer account, the person who registered the account should put his national ID number and will be responsible for the account.

Identification details (ID Number )cannot be changed unless valid reasons are provided to the Administrators.

You will request to delete your account when you no longer need it, Account selling is against T.O.S

You are fully responsible for securing your password and that you will not share it with anyone including our staff. Apexlistings will always assume that the person who logged in to your account is you. If you suspect that somebody has your password, change it immediately via the "Forgot Password" Option available on the Login Page.

Apexlistings does not hold anyone's password, it is only the user who knows his/her password therefore users should not request us to remind them their password, the password recovery is automatic and done by the user.



After every job is marked as completed, the Buyer and the Freelancer have the option to rate each other.

Users of our website agree to rate rationally based on real experiences with each other during the duration of the job or contract.

Apexlistings does not verify each rating or review made by users

If a user is reported as having given misleading reviews, investigation will be launched and temporary account suspension may take place.



Contact details such as phone numbers and emails will be held confidential and not shared publicly on the website.

Users also agree not to share contacts on job posts or on bid details.



Images and files shared between users will be available on our website for one year. Buyers and Freelancers are therefore adviced to download work files and keep them safely.



  • Buyers and Freelancers MUST be of legal age(Above 18 and in posession of an ID Card).
  • Buyers can't post contact details on job descriptions.
  • Freelancers can now post contact details on bids to enable faster hiring
  • Buyers who offer to pay outside the website will be suspended
  • Freelancers who request to be paid outside the website will be suspended
  • Account opening is free for Buyers and Freelancers however, Freelancers Pay Ksh 99 to post services
  • Freelancers can optionally get verified and increase visibility on the website
  • Freelancers agree to be published on our social media profiles for purposes of showcasing their skills.
  • Buyers and Freelancers take full responsibily of the things they post on our website.
  • Buyers and Freelancers who use this website agree to process payments only through this website.
  • We reserve the right to delete a Buyer Account that posts irrelevant jobs or jobs that do not fit our platform. Jobs that don't fit are jobs that can't be outsourced online.
  • A user who misuses our Paybill Number in one way or another risks account deletion (e.g sending irrational amounts)
  • Projects and services posted should not be against any rules and regulations of the country. For example, no illicit content and no illegal transactions. An account caught in this will be automatically deleted and funds siezed.
  • No obscene language allowed.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals can't be reversed. However For deposits you can withdraw back to your phone but withdrawal fees will apply.
  • Withdrawals are processed only on Mondays and Fridays 2PM. If your request comes in after 2PM it will be carried forward to the next processing day.
  • We shall not excempt our users from legal action if caught breaking the law
  • Failure to comply with terms of usage, a User account can be terminated with immediate effect.


Terms of service are subject to updates, notifications for updates will be made.