Are you a creative freelancer? Can you design creative content? Submit your creations and earn. We pause and open this offer based on demand for banners from our side. This offer is currently paused. Continue earning from our other offers in Article writing & Referrals.


Example of a promotional banner for Apexlistings

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 Create Promotional banners like the one above (check more banners from our Facebook Page) and you could be earning each week like the below transaction history taken from one of our freelancers.



sanitize wear mask Apexlistings


Create promotional images and submit, the images should be your own creation.

Images should be created in the view of creating awareness about Apexlistings(Note that Apexlistings has an s)

If you MUST feature people on your image(not recommended) ensure to relate them to the Kenyan/African theme

If you use images from the internet, ensure they are free images

Images should not contain any watermarks

Images will be used in our marketing campaigns especially on Facebook & Twitter

Freelancing Quotes can also be accepted as images if submitted in image form

Payment for one image can range from Ksh 100 for a quote image to Ksh 300 based on quality.

Images that breach our terms will not be paid for.

Due to too many submissions, we are limiting the banners submitted to ONLY 2 banners per week for every freelancer. You can earn Ksh 600 per week from 2 banner submissions.