For successful interaction between Buyers & Freelancers, we recommend some 4 basic steps

4 steps

The 4 important steps are as outlined below

Freelancer Steps

Freelancer Step 1

Register for a free freelancer account from the home page under Freelancer(Worker) option click on "Click To Register"

Freelancer Step 2

Optionally get verified and increase your visibility on the website or start adding your services that will be displayed on Services Page. Verified Freelancers have many opportunities to earn as opposed to unverified freelancers.

Freelancer Step 3

Bid For jobs & Wait For Your Bid to Win

How does a successful bid look like

A succesful bid should consider the following

  • The budget specified by the Buyer client who is seeking to hire. 

Freelancers shouldn't bid too low or too high. For example if a job is priced at between Ksh 2000 and Ksh 5000, freelancers need to look at the job requirements and gauge the time it will take, the effort and whether there is any addinational costs you will incur to make the job a success, then decide the best price for the job.

Look at average bid. Average bid helps to understand what other freelancers have quoted. If your quote is more than the average bid, it is important you mention to the Buyer why you are requesting more. This is an advantage because the buyer client will see how you took time to analyse the job requirements before bidding.

  • Mention your experience level

Briefly mention to the Buyer your previous experiences on similar jobs whether on Apexlistings or elsewhere or you can simply add portfolio items in your profile and always tell clients to check your portfolio.

  • Be Professional

Online work is work so don't take it lightly by sending bids that say "I am interested", "I need a job" etc and expect to win the job. You need to understand there is competition. Your bid is the first impression you send to a client so you need to be careful about the perception you will create with the client and stive to make the client take the first step by messaging you.

  • Be Online or Check your Emails Regularly

Email is the only communication channel from Apexlistings. You get automatic alerts when a job is posted that is relevant to your skills, or when your bid has won, or when a client messages you. If you bid on a job, you should be on the look out just in case the client wants more information before choosing a freelancer.

Freelancer Step 4

If your bid wins, Accept Offer, do the work and submit on time. The Buyer will make the payment from Escrow to your account and it will show on your available balance at the top right corner. In case the Buyer isn't responding, you can raise a case through our contact us form or live chat. Administrators will monitor your case which is why it is recommended that you always communicate with Buyers via inbuilt messaging.


Buyer Steps

Buyer Step 1

Register for a Buyer account from the home page under Buyer(Employer) option click on "Click To Register"

Buyer Step 2

Post a Job and start receiving bids/offers from interested freelancers

Buyer Step 3

Decide which freelancer you will work with and check the amount he/she is requesting for the job. Add the required funds to your account via Mpesa Paybill 786936 quoting account number as your username. It's only after adding funds that you are able to hire the freelancer by using the "Pick User" Option. Ensure to give all requirements to freelancer you choose so that he/she can begin the job.

Buyer Step 4

Recieve your completed work and make payment using the funds you had already added to your account.


Both Buyers and Freelancers can seek customer support at every step.