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Collins Omosa
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For over 5 years, I have been doing transcription and have worked on different types of recordings. I have worked on audio files for research purposes, legal purposes, religious purposes, and education purposes. My transcription work also includes proofreading, editing, and administration typing duties such as PDF to Word projects.
From call conversations, lectures records, bleak videos, you name it. I have the keen ear to capture and transcribe your audio to text with utmost accuracy (Full Verbatim or Clean Verbatim). So far, I have worked on mega-transcription projects and earned a remarkable reputation. I have a strong background in professional writing wherefore I acquired special accent tagging and information research skills; both of which are very handy in transcription. Share your custom guidelines and I'd be even glad to take a test before we commence the project. Cheers!
Alongside my passion for the English language, I am also a native Swahili with excellent command of both English and Swahili languages hence I also have experience in translating:
- Apps, websites, and marketing materials, translation and localization
- Technical translation
- Proofreading
- Audio and TV series translation
Human translation to me is a science. The text has to flow, be accurate, and most importantly fit the target audience it is written for. Top-quality translation requires precision, attention to detail, and the right skills, and tools for the mission at hand hence my strong belief in clear communication to know and deliver the expectations of the work at hand.

I'm always available to chat about any upcoming projects or live projects you may have, so feel free to get in touch.
Reach out to me via email: or contact +254723966008

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