Apexlistings has a referral program that allows you to bring in clients and earn a reward either for the visit or for the signup. You simply share and we track. DO NOT JOIN REFERRAL IF YOU ARE NOT A REGISTERED USER AND/OR YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTION. Click here to Join Apexlistings first then proceed with joining the Referral. 


                                 Terms of the referral program

Visit, Sign Up & Conversion Referral Campaign: Under this campaign we keep track of visits, signups, as well as conversions.



  • You can bring in Freelancers or Buyers to bid for jobs or post jobs respectively. This will count as a CONVERSION


  • If your friends Sign up and do not post a job or a service, it counts the signup only. If they also convert, it counts the conversion as well.


  • Ksh 300 for 30 counts.


  • If your friends Visit the website, and they don't sign up you receive a monthly bonus for the clicks as shown in the table below. This bonus is only paid to freelancers who have an active subscription.


  • NEW!!! To protect abuse of the program, ONLY signups will be displayed on the frontend. Our Live Chat Agent will assist you check progress for your visits.


New Clicks For the Month  Amount paid in (Kshs) 
 100 - 299  Same as your clicks
 300 - 500  300
 501 - 800  600
 801 - 1000  1000
Over 1000  1500



Click on the campaign to join or contact us to find out more.

NOTE: For you to receive payment for your clicks, you must have an active subscription. Bonuses are released first Monday of every Month. Subscription fee has been lowered to Ksh 99 only from Ksh 299 which is why we also updated the earnings for your referrals.


Visit, Sign Up & Conversion Referral Campaign


Here is a sample earnings screenshot from previous campaigns.

 Refer Earn Apexlistings