Apexlistings has a referral program that allow you to bring in clients and earn a reward either for the visit or for the signup upto Ksh 500 Per Buyer Client.


                                 Terms of the referral program

Direct Sign Up: This is a more engauging referral where the freelancer knows the person he/she referred.



  • This is when you directly refer a BUYER client to register, post a job and hire a freelancer. You receive Ksh 500 for direct referral. They must join as a Buyer not Freelancer.


  • For direct referral we assume you are in contact with the BUYER client hence you are aware of whether they posted a job or not. The money will be credited into your account ONLY after the BUYER has hired for whatever budget.


  • We only need your username and the username of the Buyer you referred. Ensure the Buyer includes your username as the referrer when he/she is registering for the account.


Indirect Sign Up: This is where anybody can participate using a referral link. If you want to participate by referring your friends and earning money when they JOIN Apexlistings, enter your email below. 

This is indirect because you only share your link and we track the sign ups that come from your referral link. You will get an alert every time 10 of your friends register on our website whether as Buyer or Freelancer and receive Ksh 500 into your account. Your total earnings will be updated every Sartuday.Only site members are eligible to participate in the Refer & Earn Program. Join Apexlistings Before You enter the Referral program below



By Clicking enter below, you are automatically agreeing to the terms of the Referral Program

  • Payments will be credited directly into your Apexlistings Account (on Saturdays)
  • Tracking & reporting is automatic for Indirect Sign Up
  • Direct Referral only works for Buyer Sign ups who post jobs
  • Any irregular activity will be marked as Spam
  • You can request to have your account checked if you were unfairly marked as Spam
  • We reserve the right to suspend or detele your referral account for any irregular activities you undertake.




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