micro jobs

We give random job offers for tasks that any freelancer can do with very basic skills. These are mainly social media tasks such as posting, sharing, retweeting etc.

We pay mostly for the engagements you get.

Advertise your own services and get paid for it.


How Do I Earn From Random Offers?


Each week ensure to promote any of the services you have on Apexlistings on your personal social media accounts. You can promote services of other freelancers but it makes more sense to advertise your own services. Post links to your services and capture the engaugements you get.

Alternatively you can share your profile as well. 


Target for at least 50 engagements to earn Ksh 200 paid every Saturday. Take a screenshot of your engagements. You can only submit a screenshot from one social account per month. If you share on Facebook this week you can only share on Facebook again next month. This ensures you get maximum viewership for your promotions.

We also pay for one screenshot per week. Ensure date & time is captured on your screenshot.


Use the form below for submission. Please note that submitting previous screenshots again will lead you to being completely disqualified from all our offers.

Update: We no longer accept screenshots from whatsapp status. Only use other media and ensure to submit NOT more than one screenshot from one media per month. For example if you submit a screenshot from Facebook do not submit any other from Facebook until the next month. You can however submit screenshot from Twitter or any other media one screenshot per week.