Check out some of the terms used on the website and what they mean

 Term   Usage Meaning
Buyer Registration A person who want to hire/buy services online
Freelancer Registration A person who want to offer services and earn money
Sealed On Jobs Freelancers cannot see what other freelancers are writing in their bids
NDA On Jobs The Buyer requires freelancers to sign Non Disclosure Agreement
Featured On Jobs The job always appears top of the list
Contact-Allowed On Jobs Type of Job where contact sharing is allowed
Hidden/Private On Jobs The job can only be seen by users who have logged in
Bids On Jobs Indicates the number of freelancers who have applied for the job
Average Bid On Jobs Is the average price for the job, calculated from number of bidders and the amount each bidder quoted
Open Job Status The job is still open for hiring
Frozen Job Status The Buyer has already select a freelancer for his/her job but the freelancer has not yet accepted the offer
Closed Job Status Someone has already been hired for the job
Expired Job Status The job poster isn't responsive, or did not find what he wanted within his own timeframe
Portfolio On Profile Shows the various experiences and skills that the freelancer has, this is uploaded by the freelancer
Escrow Payments A holding place that is used to hold the Buyer's money while he/she waits for freelancer to submit work