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Good day,

We are looking for someone with experience working with Maersk Kenya Portal to be able to login and do small business once in a while that involves making a booking to export a container to Port Sudan.

Your task will be to operate the online account only, make the booking with our provided date and send us the booking confirmation that you will receive via email.

Once we finish loading the container, we will send the container details, for you to submit to the portal and your work will be done.

We are only hiring one person and all your payment for this and subsequent tasks, will be paid here.

If you are interested, mention at least one task that can be done on the Maersk Portal apart from booking.

For every one container we ship, you will be paid 2k.

Approximate time to make a booking and have it confirmed in 30 minutes. It also takes the same time to submit container details after loading.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,

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