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Ksh2,000 - Ksh5,000

Job Description:

It's been a while since we hired here, but we need a helping hand. We have 100 quotation requests that need to be responded to. We will give you access to the price database(Read Only access) search the products that the client requested, find the price against the product. Copy the draft quote template that you will be given and edit the necessary places like product name and price and send it to the client in a personalized way.

We need an organized person.
Self disciplined
To start on Wednesday & Complete by Friday
Payment is Ksh 50 for one quote sent (50*100)=5000

We charge a small fee for quotes hence you need to be exact with your answer to help the client get specific prices.

One quote usually has more than 1 product.

Please note that the database is based on product location there are some products from China, Dubai etc therefore you need to check this info and respond accordingly. You will be given a phone number to seek clarification where necessary.

Also check the discount tab to confirm if there is a discounted price for the product and confirm the Discount validity.

This is a serious task dealing with our client base therefore no jokers allowed. This will save us time.

We requested a person directly from Apexlistings but the management says they give equal chance and they can only advice when we have 2 or 3 selected bidders.

We will therefore follow due process as we are already familiar with the platform.

Best of luck to those interested.

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