Non graduate jobs in kenya

Many people are searching for non graduate jobs in Kenya not because they did not graduate from college but because the job market is too saturated such that everybody is willing to do any job available. While this can be dangerous in terms of loosing focus, it is sometimes necessary. On the other hand there are also those who did not graduate from college but have a lot to offer.

With Apexlistings, we do not promise jobs to everybody but we provide an opportunity where you can sell services and/or bid for short terms jobs to be able to earn some money online. Whether you earn as a non graduate or not depends on a few factors

  • Your ability to determine where the demand is, and focus on that


  • Your ability to create a selling profile


  • Your ability to source for clients outside the platform


  • Your ability to respond quickly to interested Buyers


  • Your ability to  maintain your membership with us even if you got no sales for a month.


If you are looking for non graduate jobs in Kenya, it means at least you have basic skills or talent that can earn you money.

What we do is give you a platform where you can sell these skills and solve a problem for someone else. Most people look for quick solutions online, if you can provide the solution, it’s a win-win for both parties.


Once you register as a Freelancer on Apexlistings, you can add services. You will also need basic marketing skills. Check out how to market your services online.

If you are looking for online jobs in Kenya that pay via mpesa, as a non graduate, it shouldn’t be too complicated. That is why our platform allows you to join in a minute with an investment of ksh 99 for your first month. We understand that it is hard for new freelancers to join and make money which is why we offer internal jobs. As a freelancer, if you have basic writing skills you can make money by writing for us to make sure that your next subscription is paid, not from your pocket but from your earnings.


There are other platforms that provide non graduate jobs in Kenya but Apexlistings provides better convenience because it allows you to add your contact details as you market your services and also provides ease of deposits and withdrawals via Mpesa.


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There are few things to consider when looking for non graduate jobs in Kenya


  • You should be flexible enough to work offline or online

Most people haven’t discovered the online space as a work space. If you are a poet for example, you can package it as a service and sell poems online.


  • You may start with internship opportunities

Internships provide a good opportunity for non graduates to showcase their skills and stand better chances of being hired. In the work environment it is not just about papers and certificates, there are other important qualities like getting to work early, good communication, neatness, organization skills etc. These play a role in deciding who gets hired.


  • Consider Blue Collar Jobs

Blue collar jobs involve manual labor. While most people search for white collar jobs there are always opportunities in the Blue collar especially for non graduates. Jobs in agriculture, construction and mining fall in the Blue collar Industry.  These are usually physically exhausting but provide employment for many people.


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