Picking a freelancer means selecting one freelancer from the several who applied for your Job. You can only do this after you have posted a job and received at least one bid


pick freelancer


Here You need to know 2 things.

1. "Bid Amount" for the Freelancer You want to pick

How much did the freelancer quote for your job?


2. Your Available balance

How Much Do You Have in your account. (You can Deposit More money Via Mpesa Paybill)

You need to have a balance that is equal to or more than the Bid Amount of the freelancer.


The decision about who to choose depends on you(The Buyer) and what your job entails. Whoever you choose, we advise you to first check their profile, we recommend you work with freelancers who have a "Verified" green label especially for sensitive jobs. You are also free to message the freelancer before you pick them.