Apexlistings is an online job platform that seeks to solve the problem of short term hiring. You can be hired for short term jobs online whether in Research, Article writing, Transcription, Graphic Design, Apps, Websites, among all other freelance services.

Apexlistings brings together skilled freelancers from all industries to offer services online and hiring is now easy for Buyers in Kenya.

Apexlistings is a legit website where Buyers only pay after work is done. It uses an Escrow for holding Buyers' money while job is in progress and the Buyer releases the money when he/she receives the work. Freelancers get paid online and can withdraw to Mpesa upon accomplishing the task.


In order for you to maximize your earning potential on Apexlistings, you must follow these simple guidelines


Step 1: Register For Freelancer Plus account. To maximize your earning potential you need to log in to https://apexlistings.co.ke and sign up for Freelancer Plus, choose "Click To Register " under the Freelancer Plus Usergroup, or if you have already signed up as a Freelancer Basic before you can upgrade your account to Freelancer Plus.


Exclusive Advantages of Freelancer Plus includes:-

  • Add Unlimited Number of Services @ Ksh 99 per service
  • Unlimited number of bids whenever jobs become available
  • Free Freelancer Verification if you are an active user


Step 2: Set up your profile. Apexlistings recommends having a complete and presentable profile. A good profile will showcase your personality, portfolio, and skills all rolled into one. It's also an important tool for persuasion: an employer may completely base his judgment on whether to hire you or not by how well you present yourself.

You may need to use your real photo for profile picture to build even more trust.                     


Step 3: Get Verified. Any employer will be attracted to a verified freelancer other than a non-verified one, getting verified will maximize your earning potential since you increase your chances of getting Service Orders/Purchases.

Remember that you are competing with other freelancers and the buyer is probably looking for the best candidate.

You only need to have at least one active service and then aply for verification for free.

                       get verified

It is easy to get verified, simply follow the instructions here


Step 4: Add portfolio. A nice Portfolio will add flavor to your profile as it will showcase a range of your previous tasks

Step 5: Bid Wisely. In order for you to win bids, be straight forward on what you do, always be online and respond to the employer politely.

Here is a trick that will work, when you bid on any job play at an average, don’t bid too high or too low in view of the fact that the employer is looking for the person who has bid reasonably.

Bids Example

Avoid the common mistakes Freelancers make on Apexlistings


Step 6: Earn five-star feedback. For you to receive 5 star rating you must finish your job on time, and according to Buyer's specifications. Always ask for questions where you didn’t understand. Also, always aim for five-star feedback – the accumulation of great, quality feedback is a great addition to your portfolio. A freelancer with at leat one 5 star review increases his/her chances by 80%.



Step 7: Add ServicesFreelancers can add specific services which Buyer Clients can order. This feature is the most important feature as most of our Buyers are requesting for services through direct orders. Starting August 2021, Services become the PRIMARY earning opportunity for freelancers.


What's more, NOW Apexlistings allow you to include your direct contact details on your services.


Step 8: Source For Clients Outside Apexlistings.  You already have a platform that will secure your payments and showcase your services and skills, it is now up to you to use the links to your profile and services to source clients from social media and other channels to get more traffic to your gigs.


Step 9: Additional Earning Methods. Apexlistings offers other ways of earning money, apart from you biding open jobs, these methods include:-

  • Content Creation
  • Random Offers
  • Article Writing


  • Content Creation.

Here you will be rewarded for your creativity; all you need to do is follow the given instructions

Payment for one image can range from Kshs.100 to Kshs.300 based on quality. Opportunities are posted often.


  • Random offers.

Apexlistings gives random job offers for tasks that any freelancer can do with very basic skills. These are mainly social media tasks such as posting, sharing, re-tweeting etc.


Apexlistings is not a get-rich-quick scheme that promises freelancers to make Ksh 3000 a day but has several earning opportunities for freelancers who want to earn from their efforts. Not everybody who joins Apexlistings is able to earn. Every Freelance Marketplace appreciates the challenge of having higher demand than supply. This is the same case for Apexlistings with new freelancer registrations daily. Buyers can never be enough, we are always innovating new ways of ensuring our freelancers are earning including offering our own jobs and partnering with Cyber Cafes all over the country to outsource some of their tasks here.



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