No matter what season it is or whether there is a holiday coming up, as a freelance writer, you want to make sure that when you step away from your personal computer, you will still have a presence online.


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For starters, you don’t want people to forget about you, so, there are some easy and smart ways to market your freelance writing services as well as your other services.

To really make money as a writer, you need to write well and know how to sell yourself. There are many ways to market your writing services both paid and free. If you don’t have a budget yet, you may want to start with free ways.

Marketing is not just a useful skill to have if you want to see any kind of success as a freelance writer. It is an absolute necessity.

In this article, we will look at tips on how to market your writing services. Below are the tips on marketing yourself and your services as a freelance writer without the expense of a marketing degree.


Be present on social media – engage, share and network

Don’t just be present on social media, be active, share useful content as much as possible and instigate a bit of networking. Social media marketing allows you to have your writing services visible to multiple online clients who can connect you for a job. The social media platforms that first come to mind are sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Other sites that you can market your services as a freelance writer include;

  • Social news sites
  • Online forums
  • Blogs
  • YouTube


Perfect your pitch

This is a common method that most freelancers try when marketing their writing services online. Taking the bull by its horns and just pitching directly to a client for some freelance writing work. You need to know how and when to approach a client directly.


Building a team with other freelance writers

They say, there is power in numbers. By teaming up with other freelance writers, you can market your writing services while helping others too.

LinkedIn groups are particularly good for this.


Set up a freelance portfolio that attracts clients

Your online portfolio can be your most important selling point to potential paying clients who want to prove that you can do what you say you can do.

Fortunately and good enough, creating your portfolio won’t take days or weeks. You can sit down and have it up within some few minutes. You also need to be creative when building portfolio content on your portfolio. Most importantly, it should feel like you, not exaggerated.

Below are the must-have elements for an attractive profile;

  • A title that clearly states your niche
  • Your education and experience
  • Your best work samples
  • Your contact information
  • Your testimonials


Learn the basics of SEO

Whether you’ve got a simple website or a blog, promoting your freelance writing services, optimizing your web pages to make it easy for the search engines is a no-brainer.

The fundamentals or basics of SEO are easy to understand. The basics are;

  • Use the keyword term in your content – try the title, first and last paragraphs and subheadings if it makes sense to do so.
  • Research keyword terms – just type in whatever you want to be found for and see if people are searching for it.
  • Link to other useful posts within your content – link to other pages on your site that will help readers continue their journey and find out more.
  • Ensure your content is of high quality and easy to read


Showcase your services

Other than using words to market your services, you can also use photos and videos. These are colorful ways of showcasing and marketing your services.


Be active in forums

There are so many writers’ forums out there. A good example of this is, Freelance Writers Den.

Keeping up to date and staying active in writer’s forums is an effective way of networking with other freelance writers who can view your freelance writing services.

Here, there is a high chance you will hear companies looking for freelance writers. Not to mention, you are bound to pick up lots of helpful hints and tips!


Start a Blog

Having a blog where you can regularly post your content is a good way to promote yourself and market your writing services as a freelance writer.

A blog can help you market your services in the following ways;

  • A blog can boost your credibility as a freelance writer because it showcases your knowledge and services you offer. You can put up a lot of information.
  • It attracts high paying clients.
  • It acts as a secondary freelance writing portfolio.
  • Blogging consistently improves your writing hence ultimately makes your work more appealing to freelance writing clients.

Also, you can use your freelance writing site to blog about topics you want to get paid to write and include the services you offer.


Use Guest Blogging

This really is one of the best ways to market your writing services as an online writer. It builds your profile and gets you in front of potential writing clients. By guest blogging, you can share your talents and services you offer with a whole new audience.

Whether you have a blog or not, have something useful, insightful and entertaining to offer to readers.

Most blogs will give you a little space for your bio at the bottom of your article. Don’t forget to say you are a writer for hire and link back to your own website or blog.


Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is not as simple as people think. You need to at least learn the basics of email marketing and start practicing it.


Most freelancers think that once you set up your services you are good to go. That is not true unless you are very lucky. Most of us engage in marketing as a continuous process in order to remain relevant. Marketing your services as an online writer needs not be difficult. You just need persistence and the understanding that what you invest in today may take a substantial amount of time to pay off.


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Article by Bismark