The title of this article, how to make 3000 in a day in Kenya is quite interesting considering that everybody is trying to earn some money online. There are two sides to the question. But before that let’s look to answer the most important question, how much are you willing to sacrifice in order to make 3000 in a day in Kenya? Most people will say I just want to sit in front of my computer and make 3000 a day but we all know that, it is almost impossible. We are saying almost impossible because we know some people are making more than that but it didn’t happen in a day.

Going back to the two sides of how to make 3000 in a day in Kenya, the first side will address the opportunities ONLINE than can earn you 3000 in a day or more. The second side will address your own commitment and how easy or hard it can get.


Part 1: How do I make 3000 in a day in Kenya?


Sell a product Online


Do you have a product you can sell? The list of products you can sell online is endless. Any product that can sell offline, can also sell online if you consider your target market.

Let’s look at an example, Liz is selling ladies handbags. She lives in Mombasa and is doing her business on Facebook, one handbag costs between Ksh3500 and Ksh5000 and she makes 1000 in profit. For her to make at least 3000 a day, she needs to make three sales a day. For Liz, this dream is quite possible especially because her target market is very wide covering the whole country and perhaps beyond.


Sell a Service Online


There are many services you can sell online especially on Apexlistings. As long as it is a service that you can execute online without physical meeting, simply list it here.

If you are a web designer, you can sell your web design service say at 25k for a website with basic functionality. You can design such a website in 3 days. If you are quite aggressive, which will be addressed in the second part of this article, then you can get multiple orders a month and that’s a good income.


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If you a blogger for example, you may sell Ad space on your blog and if you have a decent amount of traffic, 3000 a day will be very realistic. Some companies offer more than Ksh100,000 to advertise their services per month.

             The services you can sell online are not limited to:

  •        Transcription & Translation
  •         Web & Graphic design
  •         Video Production
  •         Music & Voice Over production
  •         Tutor/couch
  •         Fitness Trainer
  •         Writer/Editor

 How To Add Your Services


Become an affiliate


If you don’t have your own product or service, you can choose to become an affiliate marketer. Promote products and/or services of others and earn huge commissions. Becoming an affiliate isn’t the easiest thing and may not earn you 3000 a day everyday but you can easily make 3000 a day in some days. It depends on different factors such as

Popularity of the product/service you are promoting

How much commission the company offers  

Target market

Ease of purchase

Your marketing effort


If we look at our own referral program on Apexlistings, yes we have had freelancers earning Ksh3000 a day in some days during the times when our VISITS campaign was still active. With the campaigns that we have now, the highest amount earned in a day is Ksh 1000 for Sign Up Campaigns where freelancers Refer their friends to register with us to sell their services.


Part 2: What do I need to make 3000 in a day in Kenya?


If you decide to sell a product, a service or become an affiliate, you need commitment, high levels of commitment in order to make 3000 in a day in Kenya.




Any business you undertake requires an investment both in terms of money and time. Whether it is setting up a website, blog or a social media page it is better to have it professionally done. Check out reasons why hiring a writer is worth your money.


Build a network


Get the message out as wide as you can. Broaden your network through free marketing and paid marketing.

Free marketing may Include;

         Social media Posting

         # hashtag marketing


          Google My Business Account

          Basic SEO

          Email Marketing


Paid marketing may include

           Paid social media campaigns

           Google Ads


            Brand Ambassadors

            Referral Programs and more


Stay committed


No one makes 3000 a day from day one therefore it is only those determined to earn less who eventually earn more. If your dream is to earn 3000 in a day then start with 500 and progress as you find out what works and what doesn’t work. There is no magic formula for everybody.

At Apexlistings, we help freelancers to list online services which they can offer from wherever they are. With an investment of 299 monthly(Now Only Ksh 99 Monthly), you can list your services and include a contact detail where clients can reach you.  Click here to find out how to maximize your earning potential on Apexlistings. Apexlistings does not guarantee an earning of Ksh 3000 a day everyday but it guarantees a small earning every week and Ksh 3000 a day or more in some days especially if you win a bid from our independent buyers.

We have several earning opportunities which include selling your services, bidding on jobs, referring your friends, writing for us, designing social media advertisements for us and also promoting our banners on your social pages.

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