how to find jobs without qualifications in Kenya


Trying to find a job without qualifications in Kenya may feel like you are fighting a losing battle. It is a classic Catch- 22. You need experience to get a job, but you also need a job to get the experience.


In today’s employment scene, nearly all available jobs require you to have at least a degree or a diploma certificate to be deemed eligible for employment. The sad reality is that, without these, your application may not even get a second glance before it is tossed aside.

Because of this pressure, students are flocking courses that are thought to be marketable with the hope of getting certified and securing employment and a steady monthly income.

Courses such as Hospitality and Tourism, Accounting and Finance, Sales and Marketing and Information Technology are among those said to have the highest attendance because people ‘believe’ that those skills are in high demand.


They hold on to the hope of being a banker or an accountant for a reputable company or being the best in sales and closing the biggest deals for big organizations or being the head of the tech department of a Start-up company for the prestige.

 But what happens when the job market that you thought to be in high demand becomes over saturated, and the degree you worked so hard to attain is rendered useless?

You can only be grateful to have been to college and graduated. In other situations, not everyone is lucky enough to have followed through with school until university or rather until they graduated from university. And it’s not for lack of trying or not wanting to attend one.

Going to college is not cheap. Not everyone can afford the said luxury.  It pays to think outside the box and be open to opportunities that may seem unconventional. 

Some of these unconventional opportunities include online working and online learning. Living in the digital era means nobody is left behind. Websites such as; The Open University, Harvard online, Alison’s courses and even Google Digital skills for Africa offer free online courses in whichever field you would like to pursue.

laptop jobs

The online learning channels offer a wider spectrum in terms of course choice. The courses offered are easily available and very flexible. You can take as many courses as possible and move at your own pace. And to add the cherry on the cake, the courses are absolutely free.

With nearly every business being digitalized, courses such as graphics design and coding are in high demand. Every day, hundreds of employers seek people with the skills to build and maintain their websites. Skills that can be developed from the online courses

If you are looking for ways on how to find jobs without qualifications in Kenya, Digital marketing is by far the most marketable skill in 2021. This is not something that is usually taught in university or college. Moreover, Google Digital Garage offers the course for free, complete with a certificate that can be attached to one’s CV when hunting for jobs. These are some of the examples of hard skills that can be gained from free online learning


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The fact that no prior experience or educational background is required to pursue online studies, is commendable. These are great opportunities for people who are determined to better their future and nurture more skills despite the curve balls life throws at them. They create opportunities for people, especially freelance jobs for university students and people who were not able to pursue their college studies. The learners are armed with enough skills to succeed in finding work online

The online work community is very broad and offers an array of opportunities depending on the level of your skill, there is something for everyone. There are jobs that require no specialized skills, whereas others require skills that can be self taught as earlier mentioned.

Jobs like data entry, typing and online survey are some of the jobs offered online that require no special qualifications other than the basic typing skills. Almost everyone or anyone with a phone, laptop and access to the internet can do these jobs and earn a little extra cash. Check out some of the past jobs on Apexlistings which required basic self learnt skills.

Websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, are giants in the market with other emerging sites like Apexlistings offers the same value for the local market. The beauty of these websites is that only basic qualifications and skills are required when signing up and applying for jobs. All you need to do is fill your details and email address on the forms provided, verify that you are not a robot, specify the skills and services you are willing to offer and start learning not only how to bid for jobs but also how to write a winning bid

Most of the websites like Fiverr and Upwork have a large client base and similarly freelancers from all around the world. This provides for exposure in terms of how to deal and work with people from different parts of the world as well as different work ethics from different nationalities.

However, when looking at local websites, Apexlistings is the most promising Kenyan owned online working website. Most of the clients are within Kenya. This is advantageous because payment is made in Kenyan currency. The payment is held in Escrow and released directly to your M-pesa with no underlying charges apart from the fixed withdrawal fee percentage.  Apexlistings also sends different emails at different stages to keep you in loop of what's going on.


What sets Apexlistings apart, is the fact that they have a live chat support system for both Freelancer and Buyer clients. While it may take 2 weeks for you to receive a response from support team for other websites, the average response time on Apexlistings is 1 day and this is if you do not find a customer service agent online.

working online

Apexlistings has made it super easy when it comes to communicating with the client regarding a project. The website has a secure messaging system that ensures all communication is done following the proper channels. That said, the website allows you, as a freelancer to add services and include a direct contact so that the Client who requires your services can reach you quicker saving a lot of time for Buyer clients as well and therefore it is the best job posting site for employers.


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When all is said and done and that online job is now rewarding, keep in mind that you are your own boss and set your own work schedule. Self motivation is the key to maintaining online success. Manage your work with no supervisions; submit your projects before the deadline. You may want to look at the harsh realities of making money online so that you are able to separate facts from myths.

Patience is the greatest skill you will need when you choose to work online. Getting the first client to give you the benefit of doubt might take a while. However, it’s only upwards from there. Sometimes the job fountain dries up and that’s okay. It takes patience to pull through such days and still keep bidding.

Hard work is the backbone of your success in the online working field. Every new project is your opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your employer and hopefully have them constantly seeking you when they need a task done. This is also your opportunity to gain referrals from satisfied clients. Thus begins the journey to success in online working.

Go forth and prosper!


This article was written by Tiffany, a freelancer on Apexlistings.