Click on the job you want to apply and then click on "Bid On This Job" on the right side of your screen

 Bid on Job2


Average Bid is calculated based on number of bids and amount each bidder quoted.

When you bid ensure to quote a value that is within the budget range for the job.


                                                    HOW TO BEGIN WORK


Freelancers should NEVER begin work without being HIRED.


How To Know You have been Hired


In order for you to begin work you must have been picked by the Buyer(Employer)

When you are picked, you will receive an email from us letting you know that you have an offer from the Buyer, you need to accept and begin work.

Your Offer will be available under JOBS & SERVICES-->MY BIDS

Once you accept the offer, the job status will change from FROZEN to CLOSED

You can now work on the job with a guarantee of getting payment.

Ensure to communicate with the Buyer via our Private messaging Option

Accept Offer


                               HOW TO WITHDRAW YOUR EARNINGS


Click on Mpesa as your payment Method



In order to withdraw, your balance should be equal to or above Ksh 300


Please remember your 5 Pillars in the respective order i.e Bid, Get Picked, Work, Submit, & Get Paid