Hire a freelancer online to assist you on your job. If you are planning to hire a freelancer online in Kenya, Apexlistings is your best bet. It gives you free access to local freelancers as well as a convenient way to pay via Mpesa. The first step is to make sure you are a registered user under the Buyer/Employer Option. Apexlistings has a simple interface making it among the top sites to hire freelancers in Kenya.

For advanced tasks, you can hire freelance developers, such as freelance html developer, android developer, wordpress developer and much more. You can also hire for intermediate tasks such as Excel help, website creation, logo design, social media marketing or simpler tasks such as data entry, internet research, online purchases, ticket reservations and the list goes on and on. What makes Apexlistings the best place to hire freelancers is the way it helps you find the best freelance services for your business and personal needs.

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  • Register as a Buyer
  • Post a task
  • Receive offers from available freelancers
  • Choose one freelancer to hire
  • Deposit money
  • Receive your work & release payment



Option One: Order a Service

If you are a quick Buyer with no time for online interviews, we have a solution for you. Click on Find Services Page, Look for a service you need, call the freelancer and seal the deal. This guarantees you a wide range of choice and fast hiring.

Option Two: Post Your Job

If your job is descriptive and has a lot of requirements or there is no specific service posted, you can post a job and explain the requirements.

The following are sample job titles which you can post

"I am looking for content writing freelancers"

"Freelance blogger for hire"

"I need to hire a freelance copywriter"

"Article writers for hire"

"I need to hire a freelance editor"

Check out past jobs here for more job titles to use.



Get Help Whenever You Need It

On a day to day basis, people need assistance on short tasks, it’s not always business related, it could also be personal tasks such as looking for product prices, music search, ebook purchases, software purchases, video editing, fitness tips, ticket booking, travel advisory, and much more. Did you know you can hire a freelancer online to help you on these tasks? It is very easy to find the help you need and complete your payment securely through our paybill number. If you ask yourself what is that one thing that you can outsource online, you will definitely get it.


Discuss via Private Messaging

We take the load off your back by connecting you with our pool of freelancers who are looking for online jobs in Kenya.  


We give you the power to hire a freelancer of your choice and we back you up with customer support through our live Agent or WhatsApp line . 


When picking a freelancer, you are required to use your judgement. We help you make the decision by showing you which freelancer is verified and which one is not. We also give you a history of the freelancer through either their ratings on Apexlistings if they have already done past jobs or through their portfolio if they are new on the platform. Before you pick the freelancer that you want to hire, you must have funds in your account. It is very easy to deposit money to your account using Mpesa. Use our Paybill number 786936 and put your username as account number. The amount you deposit is the exact amount you will see on your account balance which should be equal to or above the price you will pay for that task as quoted by your chosen freelancer.


Assign The Work

Once you have selected a freelancer, he/she is notified to begin the job. The freelancer will discuss the project requirements through our messaging platform that is inbuilt. keeping conversion within the website is very important because it helps us in mediation when necessary. However you can also ask for their phone number

For jobs that need quick attention we advice our Buyers to mark them as “Contact Allowed” jobs. This allows the freelancer to give personal phone number at the time of bidding. Contact allowed jobs are specified during job posting to allow contact sharing without breaching terms of service.

After the job is done, the freelancer will make the submission and the Buyer can now use the available balance to pay. The available balance is what the Buyer had deposited via Mpesa Paybill.


It's Fun & Free To Hire A Freelancer

The most interesting fact about posting online jobs in kenya through Apexlistings is that the whole hiring process is free, post jobs free, deposit money free, pick freelancer free, pay freelancer free. Apexlistings does not charge for these Services. The only cost here is the price for the services you get from the freelancers and the optional charges if you want your job to be marked as Contact Allowed or featured job(always appears top on the list of jobs), or if you want freelancers to sign NDA before bidding. Everything else is free which is why you should post your first job now and hire a freelancer.

Get One on One Instant help whenever we are online on Live Chat or use 0778271830 WhatsApp Line For Buyer Clients.


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