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Who can use this website?

Anybody can use this website to advertise freelance services or to find help to complete pending tasks. Be it research, articles, logo design, web design, letters, proposals, reports, presentations, Excel spreadsheets, data entry, brochures, translation, transcription, online marketing, social media tasks and all other administrative tasks, here you will meet freelancers with different skill sets. Terms of account opening indicate that users of this website should be of legal age.


Can I find online jobs in Kenya that Pay via Mpesa here?

We know online earning can be challenging with many dynamics however we created a simple website that helps you achieve this. This website does it a bit differently, the jobs don't come to you, you create opportunities for yourself by showing what you can do for others and charge them a fee.


As a Freelancer, Do I have any Guarantee to Earn?

Your chance to earn may not come immediately, however once you have set up a service the correct way, it will keep on showing up on the website and you will start getting that much needed sale.


I have been on this website for a while, why haven't I earned anything?

We have people from all over the country looking to outsource services online and they choose according to their own liking which means we can't influence the hiring. 

1. Get Verified for free

2. Choose competitive titles for your services

3. If you have an article writing service, we can order your service from our  Apexlistngs Buyer Account

4. Don't wait for clients to come to you, try pitching. Talk to friends, classmates and let them know what you do.



What is the difference between Buyer and Freelancer?

Buyer is the person who buys a service and Freelancer is the one who sells that service.


As a Freelancer is my payment guaranteed?

Your payment is only guaranteed if you work via the platform. If you are doing Data Entry @ Ksh 500, the Buyer will deposit your money before they order the service. We hold your money until you complete the service.

We are usually available on live chat to help you confirm if the client you met is safe.


What is Freelancer Verification?

Freelancer verification is a measure implemented to help us understand our freelancers better for the sake of our Buyers, During verification a freelancer is asked to supply any academic certificates. We then award verification levels as Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum based on academic papers. 

All freelancers are advised to get verified in order to increase chances of getting jobs. Verified freelancers also get other advantages such as lower withdrawal fees, conflict resolution and access to internal job offers from Apexlistings.

Application for Verification for Freelancer Plus is Free.

Verification status helps in getting orders on your services.


As a Buyer, how do I order?

As a Buyer, you can order a service that suits your needs from the services page

  • Call the Freelancer first or send them a message, confirm their availability (most of them are working part time).
  • Deposit money equivalent to the service cost
  • Place the order from your account under "Jobs & Services" menu.
  • Purchase is confirmed.


Can I be Buyer and Freelancer at the same time?

This is not possible you are either a Buyer or a Freelancer but you can have 2 accounts one as buyer and another as Freelancer provided that you use different emails, different usernames, and each account will be independent of the other.



What is the typical process of Hiring

You must create a Buyer account then deposit funds into your account through Mpesa. This is the fund that will be used to pay freelancers for successful projects. 

          1. If you are ordering a service

Simply go to our services page, choose the service you need. Check the contact section and either email or call the freelancer to check if he/she is available. Deposit money via paybill 786936 and order the service. The freelancer starts the job and submits within the agreed time.

          2. If you are posting a job (currently unavailable)

Start by posting your job, check who has applied and pick the best fit for the job. Deposit money and click "Pick Freelancer" to get the job started.

Release funds after your work is done.

The difference between ordering a service and posting a job is that ordering a service is faster if you are looking for a specific service like Logo design, posting a job is suitable if you are looking for a mix of skills.


What is the benefit of the Escrow Protection?

The Escrow Protects both Buyers and Freelancer. For Buyers, it protects their money. This is because once a Buyer makes a purchase, the money is held in Escrow until the freelancer delivers. It is important to note that money held in Escrow can't be accessed expect by Apexlistings Team. This ensures the Buyer can't retake the purchase unless assisted.

For Freelancers, Escrow helps to protect their work. It gives assurance that your payment has already been made even as you begin work.


What are your charges?

A Buyer account is completely free. You need a buyer account to either order a service or post a job. A freelancer Plus account is also free but posting a service cost Ksh 99 one time fee for each service.

How long does it take to receive money in my Mpesa after I withdraw?

It takes between 1 and 3 hours to process payments depending on number of transactions pending.  Payments are processed on Fridays at 2PM. Your withdrawal request must come before 2PM for it to be processed therefore you can withdraw anytime but it will be processed on the next earliest processing day. For example if you withdraw on Saturday, you will receive your money the next Friday.


Do you Offer Mediation incase of conflict between Buyer and Freelancer?

Yes, we offer mediation for limited cases i.e if the purchase was made the right way as explained above and also if the Freelancer has been verified by us.


Why was my Account Suspended?


An account can be suspended for the following reasons

  • Account misuse
  • Deliberately making payments or receiving payments outside this website
  • Posting obscene language
  • Repetitive posting of  services that aren't allowed
  • Rude behavior towards Buyers or Freelancers
  • Misusing our Paybill Number
  • Submitting "Fake" Mpesa Transaction code when required.



Still have Questions?

Contact us or send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use our Live chat to speak to an agent