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Who can use this website?

Anybody can use this website to advertise freelance services or to find help to complete pending tasks. Be it research, articles, logo design, web design, letters, proposals, reports, presentations, Excel spreadsheets, data entry, brochures, translation, transcription, online marketing, social media tasks, and all other administrative tasks, here you will meet freelancers with different skill sets. Terms of account opening indicate that users of this website should be of legal age.


Can I find online jobs in Kenya that pay via Mpesa here?

Our website is doing the reverse, instead of waiting for jobs to come to you, we give you a platform to go after the jobs. Show Kenya and beyond, what you can do and how they can find you. You can choose to get paid via different payment methods.


As a Freelancer, Do I have any Guarantee to Earn?

Your chance to earn may not come immediately, however, once you have set up a service the correct way, it will keep on showing up on the website and you will soon start getting calls from Buyers. 


What is the difference between Buyer and Freelancer?

Buyer is the person who buys a service and the Freelancer is the one who sells that service.


What is Freelancer Verification?

Freelancer verification is a measure implemented to help us understand our freelancers better for the sake of our Buyers, During verification, a freelancer is asked to supply any academic certificates. We then award verification levels like Bronze, Silver, or Gold. 

All freelancers are advised to get verified. 

Application for Verification for Freelancer Plus is Free.

Verification status helps in getting orders on your services.


As a Buyer, how do I order?

As a Buyer, you can order a service that suits your needs from the services page

  • Once you identify the service provider of your choice, call them to discuss the job 



What are your charges?

A freelancer Plus account is free but posting a service costs Ksh 99 or $1 if you are depositing via Paypal.



Why was my Account Suspended?


An account can be suspended for the following reasons

  • Posting obscene language
  • Misusing our Paybill Number



Still have Questions?

Contact us or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or reach us via Whatsapp