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The term freelancer is getting very popular in Kenya. The rate of unemployment is pushing more people to get creative and seek jobs beyond borders. With technological advancements, it is now possible to find work thousands of miles away. A freelancer can choose to work through a freelancing platform or source for direct clients. Apexlistings was created to build the culture of short-term hiring for small tasks. We take the burden off your shoulders by giving you access to hundreds of freelancers who would like to help you get anything done. On the other hand, we make it possible for freelancers to make some money and stay busy.

                What defines freelancing? The Highs & Lows


                 The ability to work from anywhere

A freelancer can work from anywhere. There are many tools and software that freelancers use to connect with Buyer Clients. They can go as far as sharing screens to get things done remotely via screen-sharing apps.

                  Not tied to one Employer

While a freelancer can choose to be tied to one Employer on what we call long-term contracts, most do not. A lot of freelancers engage on short-term gigs from different clients and the contract ends as soon as the work is submitted and payment issued.

                  Not tied to one job

Most regular 8-5 jobs have a specific job description and with time it is easy to get used to the routine and finally get bored. With freelancing, a freelancer can be doing data entry today, article writing the next day, and lead generation the other day hence breaking the chain of repetition.


The Downs...


                Getting Scammed.

Ask any freelancer, what is your biggest fear? They will tell you, getting scammed. In fact, every freelancer has either been scammed, almost got scammed, or knows someone who got scammed. Freelance platforms are not immune to scammers but they lay down minimum requirements before a job is started to reduce the risks for the Freelancer and the Client too.

At Apexlistings, we deal with small tasks, and the risk is lowered by half. We also give you the flexibility to personally negotiate with the Buyer on payment terms before you start working. Ensure to add a contact on your services.



Getting the job is not easy, you face competition from all sides. If you are bidding on a job that has other 50 bidders, you can guess your chances. There are 3 things you can do to survive the competition. 


 Apexlisting’s 3Cs to survive the C-word (Competition).

  • Consistency

Make sure you stay consistent. If you are selling data entry services, ensure you remain consistent. 

  • Competitive advantage

Find something that sells you. For example, respond quickly to Buyers or offer a bonus package.

  • Creativity

Do not sell services that everybody else sells. Find a skill that is not overly saturated.



With Apexlistings, a freelancer account runs on a free plan. Services are our main focus with each service costing a Ksh 99 one-time cost to post.


Once you post your service it remains on the platform without any other charges on you. You can post as many services as you want.

Joining as a freelancer on Apexlistings is simple, you create your account, verify your identity by uploading an ID and you submit some basic information about yourself, your career background, your skills and support these with at least one academic certificate and you are good to go.

Apexlistings is only for short tasks. When creating your profile, please add links to your other freelance profiles that support long-term hiring.