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The term freelancer is getting very popular in Kenya. The rate of unemployment is pushing more people to get creative and seek employment beyond borders. With technology advancements, it is now possible to find work thousands of miles away. A freelancer can choose to work through a freelancing platform or source for direct clients. Apexlistings was built for local clients in Kenya to help them hire faster and pay conveniently via Mpesa.

                What defines freelancing? The Highs & Lows


                 The ability to work from anywhere

A freelancer can work from anywhere. There are many tools and software that freelancers use to connect with Buyer Clients. They can go as far as sharing screens to get things done remotely via screen-sharing apps.

                  Not tied to one Employer

While a freelancer can choose to be tied to one Employer on what we call long term freelance contacts, most do not. A lot of freelancers engage on short terms gigs from different clients and the contact ends as soon as the work is submitted and payment issued.

                  Not tied to one job

Most regular 8-5 jobs have a specific job description and with time it is easy to disappear in the routine and finally get bored. With freelancing, a freelancer can be doing data entry today, article writing the next day and lead generation the other hence breaking the chain of repetition.


The Downs....


                Getting Scammed.

Ask any freelancer, what is your biggest fear? They will tell you, getting scammed. In fact every freelancer has either been scammed, almost got scammed or knows someone who got scammed. Freelance platforms are not immune to scammers but they lay down minimum requirements before a job is started in order to reduce the risks for the Freelancer and the Client too.

On Apexlistings, The Buyer is required to deposit the amount agreed with the freelancer before the job is started. This is a move that now adds Apexlistings into the contract between the Buyer and the Freelancer to either transfer the funds if the Buyer fails to, or return the funds if the freelancer fails beyond reasonable doubt.



Getting the job is not easy, you face competition from all sides. If you are bidding on a job that has other 50 bidders, you can guess your chances. There are 3 things you can do to survive competition. You can’t do away with it, but you can survive it. Call these Apexlisting’s 3Cs to survive the C word (Competition).

  • Consistency

It doesn’t matter how many bids you have lost, you have to continue bidding and improve at it.

  • Competitive advantage

It can be a well built portfolio, a 5 star rating, a well structured bid, a lower price, or offering something extra for free. Anything that will give you a certain edge.

  • Creativity

The best way to explain this is with an example. Go to Past jobs on Apexlistings and check what Buyers are looking for. Note the main Keywords. Are they within your skills? If yes, create services and ensure to include those keywords. The next time a Buyer comes to hire, if he/she searches the Keyword and your service shows up, he/she will contact you even before posting the job. This will make you either the first bidder or the priority bidder when the job gets posted.

Another example............

Use social media to direct people to your profile and ensure it is a complete profile very well written. It will send the signal that you are a registered freelancer, verified and working under a platform that ensures their money is safe until you complete the job for them. You will be helping Buyers make the decision to hire you.



Freelancing platforms take a percentage from the freelancer’s earnings while offering many benefits to the freelancer. On Apexlistings, a freelancer account runs on a monthly subscription of Ksh 299 with payment guarantee on every job the freelancer accepts. If the freelancer has not made any earning despite several bidding within the month, the next subscription is given for free until the freelancer is able to earn again.  

While most platforms limit direct contact, Apexlistings allows for a unique feature for the freelancer to Add Services and include at least one direct contact. This allows our Buyers to find help faster especially for common tasks such as Data entry and Article Writing.

Joining as a freelancer on Apexlistings is simple, you create an account, verify your identity by uploading an ID and you submit some basic information about yourself, your career background, your skills and support these with at least one academic certificate and you are good to go.

The most important thing to note is that it shouldn’t end with account creation, a freelancer needs to do everything to get himself out there.


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