Apexlistings helps you access short term jobs in kenya. Finding any jobs in Kenya is getting tougher by the day as the number of job seekers keeps on increasing even as very little is happening in terms of job supply. Where are those jobs supposed to come from? We need to up our game in creating jobs in Kenya. If you are already employed or you have a business of your own, what are you doing to create a job for someone else?  It is high time we all embrace the attitude of creating jobs however little they are. This is the reason why Apexlistings was born.



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At Apexlistings, we do our part by linking people for short tasks. We encourage everybody to have a Buyer Account on Apexlistings. Our expertise is based on soft tasks. Soft tasks are short term jobs which can be executed online without a physical meeting between involved parties.

If you are employed, you may not have skills in "everything" in your field. Well, you are a web designer, can you create stunning websites but maybe the images you use aren’t optimized or maybe the banners aren’t professionally done. What does this tell you? You can create a job for someone else. You can hire a freelancer who can optimize those images for you or do something else to make your life easier. The same case if you own a small business. You may not have the capacity to employ people for full time jobs and that is where we come in. Get an Accountant when you need one, Get a web designer when you need one, Get a content writer when you need one, Get a marketer to boost your social media presence every now and then without the pressure of payrolls every single month if your business is not ready yet.

You now have a platform that will take care of your interests as you create a job for someone else.

Here is a little bit more of how this works. We have the Buyers who hire for services and we have Freelancers who offer their services. We created an environment that helps these two sets of users to interact and get things done virtually. Someone searching for jobs in Nairobi, jobs in Mombasa or any other part of Kenya can join Apexlistings and create a profile with the skills they have.

The best thing is that one can hire for absolutely anything and everything so long as it can be done virtually. Take a look at this, What Jobs Can I Post?

The number of people searching for jobs in Mombasa, jobs in Nairobi or generally jobs in Kenya is very high and therefore for someone to benefit from Apexlistings some form of investment is needed. You need to invest your time.

Invest your time in the following ways



Apexlistings fully operates online with payments made via Mpesa which means everybody has equal chances whether you are looking for jobs in Mombasa, jobs in Nairobi or jobs in Kisumu.

It is not easy to succeed on freelance jobs in Kenya mainly because of demand-supply issues as well as stiff competition. Demand for jobs is way ahead of supply and this means that only those who commit and put effort are able to earn.

We have two job groups, External jobs and Internal jobs

External jobs: These are posted by individuals from all parts of Kenya who seek to find help for tasks such as article writing, research, social media management, web development, graphic design  including the smaller tasks like searching for ebooks, music, movies, booking tickets, etc

Internal jobs: These are jobs offered by Apexlistings in a bid to make our freelancers increase their earning potential by taking part in growing our customer base.

Read more about how you can earn with us.

If you have a task you need help with, you can learn more about how to hire a freelancer.

Check out some of our past jobs here.



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