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Ksh300 - Ksh1,000

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Priority given to new freelancers who are looking for a good rating.

I've got a job but on a low budget @ 1000. Read the job description carefully
We have a file of about 1200 names of people and job titles and companies. From this list, 155 contacts need to be updated (Requires 4 hours to complete). They are highlighted in yellow and what you need to do is to change the contact with a different contact in the same company but with higher level IT experience.

Look at the examples below.

The titles we are looking for are Higher level IT contacts such as IT Manager, IT Director, VP of IT, Senior IT Managers, IT Team Lead etc.(These are decision makers. Always pick the highest level)

Titles to avoid are IT coordinators, IT technicians, IT analysts, IT specialists, IT Professional etc.

In some cases where you can't find a better contact you leave the contact the way it is.
Note that the yellow highlight should not be removed.

Also note that you should not interfere with the other records as they are needed in same order to be returned to a larger database.

Kindly include your experience level on LinkedIn usage on a scale of 10 without this you will not be considered.

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