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Who can use this website?

Anybody can use this website to find work or to find help to complete some work. Be it academic research, articles, logo design, web design, letters, proposals, reports, research, data entry, brochures, translation, Transcription, online marketing and all other administrative tasks. Here you will meet freelancers with different skill sets.


What is the difference between Buyer and Freelancer?

Buyer is the person who outsources services while Freelancer is the person who does the work being outsourced.


As a Freelancer is my payment guaranteed?

Your payment is guaranteed only if you follow the right procedure which is Step1: Apply for the Job Step2: Wait for the user to pick you. You will be emailed when picked. Step3: Accept the offer from the Buyer Step4: Do the work and submit. All this should be done within the website and not taking conversations outside.

If the Buyer doesn't pay after you followed this process, please inform support team. We will have a lot of information on our hands to assist you.

If you choose to receive payments outside this website, you will be taking a risk and we won't offer any mediation & your membership could be terminated for breach of terms.

To be safe, your clients should pay you via this website. This applies to the Contacts-Allowed jobs too. Freelancer MUST be very cautious about the Contacts-Allowed jobs. These are jobs where we allow taking your conversion outside through phone call, email, whatsapp or other social profiles. This is a feature incorporated for special situations where contacts must be exchanged in order for the job to be successfully done. As a freelancer you should ensure to request your client to still follow the normal steps so that your payment is still guaranteed.


As a Buyer, how do I know my job is handled by the right person?

When you post a job you will receive many applications from different freelancers. It is now up to you to decide who you think is best suited for your job. You can interview the applicants through messaging and decide who to hire. For long term jobs we advise that the Buyer should conduct thorough interviews and also give short tests or request previous work samples. For jobs which require telephone conversation between Buyer and Freelancer, you can use our special feature to mark your job as a "Contacts-Allowed" job so that freelancers can share contacts without risking account suspension.


Can I be Buyer and Freelancer at the same time?

This is not possible you are either a Buyer or a Freelancer but you can have 2 accounts one as buyer and another as Freelancer provided that you use different emails, different usernames, and each account will be independent of the other.



What is the difference between Fixed and Hourly Jobs?

With Fixed jobs, the Buyer decides the best price for the job and indicates the budget range, in hourly jobs the Buyer indicates an estimate of number of hours that will be required to complete the job and then chooses an hourly rate that is suitable for his budget.

Our prefered project type is Fixed Price.


How do I make my project Featured or Private


Featured jobs get more bids as they appear top on the list and Private jobs are hidden from Search Engine, so our website allows you to mark your job as Featured or Private at a fee.

These options can be accessed while you are posting a job on the lower section you will see "More Options" green label.


What is the typical process of Hiring

You must create a Buyer account then deposit funds into your account through Mpesa. This is the fund that will be used to pay freelancers for successful projects. You can then post jobs.

Please note that you are still able to post jobs even if you haven't deposited funds but you will not be able to hire without funds in your account. After posting jobs, you will start receiving bids from freelancers and you can choose which freelancer to hire and "Pick a Freelancer".

The Freelancer will be notified and will start working on your job and submit it. After work has been submitted, the Buyer is required to Initiate payment from "Pay Now" Button that is displayed on the specific project the user had posted. This can be accessed Via Jobs & Services-->My Jobs

When you Transfer payments, they enter into escrow which is a safe box that lets you transfer amounts only when you are sure. Once payments enter the escrow you need to click on "Release" to have the funds transfered to the freelancer. 

After You have completed payment, this process cannot be reversed so you need to be sure you are ready to make the payment. The Freelancer can then Withdraw from account Via Mpesa.


What is the benefit of the Escrow Protection?

The Escrow Protects both Buyers and Freelancer. For Buyers, it protects their money. This is because a Buyer can choose to pay freelancers at the beginning of a job and the money enters into Escrow. The freelancer won't be able to access the money until the Buyer "Releases" the funds at the end of the job.

For Freelancers, Escrow helps to protect their work. It gives assurance that you are dealing with someone who has enough money to pay you at the end of the job.


What are your charges?

Account opening is free for Buyer while freelancers pays Ksh 199 ONE TIME FEE for setup of their account including an ad space for the freelancers to market all of their services. Job posting is also free. We however charge for withrawals and Project Upgrades(when a buyer wants to mark his project as featured, private or Contacts-Allowed).


How long does it take to recieve money in my Mpesa after I withdraw?

It takes between 1 and 3 hours to process payments depending on number of transactions pending.  Payments are processed on Mondays and Fridays at 2PM. You can withdraw antyime but it will be processed on the next earliest processing day. For example if you withdraw on Sartuday, you will receive your money on Monday.


Do you Offer Mediation incase of conflict between Buyer and Freelancer?

Yes, we offer mediation if the right process of hiring was followed as described above. The Buyer and Freelancer have the responsibility of fulfilling their duties, we can mediate in cases where conflict arises. After mediation, the guilty person risks account termination or suspension if he/she refuses to take responsibilty.


Why was my Account Suspended?


An account can be suspended for the following reasons

  • Sharing direct contacts with clients e.g emails, phone numbers, social profiles etc
  • Making payments outside this website
  • Posting obscene language
  • Posting unallowed projects or services(Jobs that can't be done online)
  • Using your BUYER account to promote or market a brand


Sharing Contacts isn't allowed, But what if my job requires this in order to be successful?

That is true, sharing of direct contacts between users is not allowed and it is strictly against Terms of Service, but we know there are some jobs that require the parties to exchange direct contact for one reason or another. If your job falls into this category you can shares contacts without breaching our Terms by Marking your job as a "Contacts-Allowed" Job. This can be done from the More Options Green Label available when posting/editing a job.



Still have Questions?

Contact us or send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use our Live chat to speak to an agent