Apexlistings is a platform that connects users who want to hire online with users who want to work from home. 

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Buyer Clients post online jobs on our platform seeking to find matching freelancers who are available to complete the jobs. The budget for the job is set by the Client who wants to hire online. This gives the Buyer flexibility to start hiring from Ksh 300 to Ksh 100,000 or from as little as Ksh 100 per hour.


   Buyer Account is Free

A Buyer account is completely free, no fees for posting a job or depositing money.


   Get All Help in One Place

A Buyer account gives you the power to outsource any tasks including

  • Seeking help on Microsoft word, Excel or Powerpoint
  • Writing tasks
  • Photo editing
  • Social media help on FB, Twitter, Youtube or Instagram
  • Specific Google Search
  • Help in administration/configuration of software programs
  • Online purchases of books or other products
  • Help with downloads (Music, Movies, Software, Tutorials)
  • Typing & Editing
  • Web & graphics design
  • Conducting research or surveys


   No Hustles With Payments

We Offer our users with a secure payment system as we ensure to "Hold" the payments as the job is in progress and "Release" payments when jobs are completed.

As a Buyer you prepay while at ease that if things go wrong, your amount will be refunded by Apexlistings.


   Privacy Addressed

Would you like your job not to be available to unregistered users? We've got you covered, post your job as Private

Would like your chosen freelancer to work under descretion? Why not post your job with a Non Discolure Agreement?

Would you like to hide your identity from the public? You are in luck, we only forward the Buyer details to the Freelancer you choose to work with.

Are you worried that your job files will be published? Job files are shared privately via Private Messaging System

We safeguard your interests.