Apexlistings has three earning opportunities for freelancers


One: Freelancers can list services for clients to contact them for orders

Freelancers need to create very specific services so that Buyers can easily find what they are looking for. Apexlistings is a freelance platform hence all services must be freelance services.

Examples of Services Include

Data Entry

Article Writing

Research Tasks

YouTube Tasks and any other online tasks you can think of.

The advantage you have with our services is that you can list a direct contact and negotiate with the Buyer before they place an order on your service. However we recommend that you instruct your client to order the service from Apexlistings to enable you have a payment guarantee.


How To Add Your Services


Two: Freelancers can bid on available jobs

Sometimes the Buyer does not find the specific service, hence he/she opts to post a job and give a full description or what he/she wants to achieve. Freelancers can send bids/applications and the Buyer can choose who to hire. Here you have to wait until you are chosen for the job. But while you wait you can earn from our internal jobs as explained below.


Three:Internal Jobs                       

We have internal jobs by Apexlistings as follows

Article writing

Creating Social media banners 

Sharing Posts (random offers)

Refer & Earn


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