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Apexlistings is all about creating online job opportunities for Kenyans. We have 2 job categories on the website. We have jobs posted by independent Buyers who are looking for help on tasks. This is our main area of focus and Freelancers have to compete for the jobs. Apexlistings doesn't hire for these jobs. The individuals who post jobs(we call them Buyers) also choose who to hire based on their needs. On the other hand we have created simple tasks on our platform to enable our Freelancers take part in them for a chance to earn even as they compete on the major jobs posted by external Buyers.

We understand that it is not easy to compete for jobs online because of the growing number of freelancers which is why we have created offers on content creation which can keep our freelancers busy making cash.This earning opportunity is available ONLY to Verified Freelancers. It is therefore important for all freelancers to get verified not only for the purpose of accessing our internal offers but also for purposes of increasing chances of being picked for jobs that are posted by other Buyers. All verified freelancers are guaranteed to earn either from Buyers or from us as long as they are active.


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