Apexlistings has three earning opportunities for freelancers


One: Freelancers can list services for clients to contact them and order their services directly

Freelancers need to create very specific services so that Buyers can easily find what they are looking for. Apexlistings is a freelancing platform hence all services must be freelance services.


Two: Freelancers can bid on available jobs.

Sometimes the Buyer does not find the specific service, hence he/she opts to post a job and give a full description or what he/she wants to achieve. Freelancers can send bids/applications and the Buyer can choose who to hire. Here you have to wait until you are chosen for the job. But while you wait you can earn from our internal jobs as explained below.


Three:Internal Jobs                       

We have internal jobs by Apexlistings as follows

Article writing

Creating Social media banners that we use for promotions

Sharing our Posts on your social channels and capture the engaugements

Refer your friends to Visit Apexlistings and receive earnings for every 30 visits.


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 What are Buyers Looking For?

Freelance Writer

Writing is the best job one can outsource at the moment especially with the ongoing pandemic. Many people including bloggers are out searching for high quality articles to publish and encourage people to read on the virus.  Writing takes into consideration two important aspects. There is academic and non-academic writing. Both aspects are easy to go into and you can be sure to earn some good money.

Online tutors

With schools closed, you can help students across all levels depending on your ability to learn something and still earn an income. You can employ several methods available to deliver your content to the learners and examine them as well. At such a time when students are at home, online tutoring has gained popularity and should be the easiest online job that you may land.

Social Media management

Are you a person who is always online, from one social media account to another? Well, then you can easily earn something while staying at home. Social media management is the easiest online jobs you may want to do especially if you like social media platforms. There are plenty of tasks you can do with your social media accounts to help someone else boost their business as you earn. Unlike writing and tutoring, the job simply requires that you have a way of attracting plenty of customers to buy or use a product. 

Data entry

Data entry jobs are on the rise at this time and one can earn handsomely in this area as long as you have just some knowledge in a few areas including handling Microsoft excel. Many companies are currently unable to utilize their stuff and are opting to post their tasks online for one to do them for them. 

Virtual assistant

This is a wide areas and freelancers can create as many services under virtual assistant. Virtual assistants do many jobs each with varying payments such as managing a website or even helping clients with their research. Most of these task require very little qualification and are pretty simple to do.

Web development

This job category requires that one has knowledge in the field. There are many individuals looking for personal websites as well as businesses looking for company website and apps. If you are a freelancer with web development skills, it's time to showcase your skills.


In recent times blogging has come to be a constant source of income for some individuals. The good thing with blogging is that you can earn from multiple sources all at once and is therefore a great adventure that one may undertake. You can write on different niches depending on how well you can deliver the required content as well as attract readers. You can help Clients in managing their blogs especially now that there is so much to write about regarding Covid-19

Graphic designing

If you are well conversant with Photoshop and other related tools, then you should not hesitate to sign up with Apexlistings or other sites to earn something as you stay at home. In addition, you require some degree of creativity all of which do not require any academic qualifications. Your portfolio will speak for you.


If you are a good listener, then this job will be of significance to you. Almost everyone can do this job since it basically requires that one listens to a recorded audio and transform it into writing according to client's specification. 

Get Creative

As a freelancer you need to think beyond the obvious and offer very specific services that people may be looking for online. What differentiates one service from another is the title of your service. The client can easily click on your service if it is clear as to what you are offering.