Buyer FAQs


1. How do I choose which Service to Purchase?


To choose a Service consider the following

a) Pricing (while the prices are flexible and negotiable, choose a Service that is within your Budget)

b) Check the availability of the Freelancer (Most freelancers have listed a phone number, call them directly)

c) Skills (If you are looking for an article writing Service, do not purchase a data entry Service)


2. What are the steps to purchasing?


a) Call the Freelancer, explain what kind of help you need.

b) If they don't agree or are not available, try another Freelancer.

c) Discuss  i) How much the freelancer will charge

                  ii) How they want to be paid; prepaid, postpaid, or upfront deposit

                      iii) How they receive payments e.g Via Mpesa, Paypal, or any other method

d) Get your work done easy!


3. How Do I minimize risks?


a) Communicate as much as you can and clearly explain your task to the freelancer.

b) When you view Services, also view the profile of the Freelancer. You can get details such as verification whether they are already verified by us. You can also see their profiles on other international platforms.

c) Outsource small tasks; Apexlistings was created to allow you to outsource small tasks with a small budget. If you have recurrent tasks or would like to hire for a long-term contract, use alternative ways.


4. I have a very sensitive task that requires a high level of trust, who can I hire?

We have a large database of Service providers to choose from and you may not know who to select especially if your task is a sensitive one. You can use our list of recommended Freelancers for this. This is a short list of 10 Gold Freelancers. We will keep on adding more freelancers to the list as needed. They may not be available always but if your task is very sensitive such as handling financial records, Mpesa Statements, booking travel arrangements, giving access to your emails or e-citizen account etc you can work with them. They are "Gold" because of many factors considered such as strong communication skills, ability to meet deadlines, they have direct collaboration with Apexlistings team and they helped grow this platform ever since we launched back in 2019. 


5. Who can I contact from Apexlistings when I need help?

Apexlistings is a self help website. Start by checking our main FAQs or How it Works. If you still need help, you can reach our Customer Service Agents via email.