Looking for the best job posting site for employers who are looking to hire online? Try Apexlistings, it’s absolutely free. You can post a job for free online and get it done from the comfort of your home or office. Apexlistings is a game changer in the online job marketplace introducing short term hiring for one time or short term jobs. You can get help not only for projects, but tasks as well as micro tasks.

The advantage of a free job posting site like Apexlistings is that it connects you to freelancers from every part of Kenya ensuring that you do not miss any skill you need and you pay absolutely nothing except the cost of the service you need.


                     How Does Apexlistings Work?


  • Post a job for free online
  • We match you to freelancers who have the skills you are looking for
  • Choose the best match
  • Agree on job requirements & payment
  • Get the job done, make a payment via Mpesa


                     What Jobs Can I Post?

 What job can I post online


You can post any job that meets one criterion. It should be a soft job that can be done online. This is for employers who do not need the employee to be physically present in the office set up. We classify the jobs into 3 categories

  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Micro-tasks

Projects are bigger than the tasks and micro tasks. Examples of projects are Web design contracts and App development contracts.


Tasks are smaller than projects and bigger than Micro tasks. Examples are research tasks, article writing, data entry, translation, transcription etc.


Micro tasks are smaller and may come in form of a question for example what is the price of a certain product? Or you may want someone to book a ticket for you.

As you have noticed, Apexlistings is not your regular job posting site. It is a site for temporary hiring where you can get anything done for you whether it is a project, a task or a micro-task. 


Check out some of the jobs getting posted


                           How Does This Website Benefit Me?


There is no single person who doesn't require help sometimes. That is why everybody needs a Buyer Account and Apexlistings comes in handy. You can find help when you need it. Sometimes you have a small task and have no idea how to do it or you don't have time to do it.


Here are some scenarios where Apexlistings saves the day


  • You have a deadline, and are still very far from completing the work, hire a freelancer to assist you.


  • You have written your research paper, you are too tired to proofread it, hire a freelancer to assist you.


  • You are a freelancer on international platforms, you have won several projects and you don't have enough time to do all the work, get help.


  • You are looking for best prices before making a purchase, let someone do the research for you.


  • You own a blog, you can't keep up with demand for new content, hire a content writer.


  • Your social media is boring, spice it up with video animations, banners and other graphics.


Try it, post your task for free.


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