Apexlistings is a platform that connects users who want to hire online with users who want to work from home. 

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Buyer Clients post online jobs on our platform seeking to find matching freelancers who are available to complete the jobs. The budget for the job is set by the Client who wants to hire online. This gives the Buyer flexibility to start hiring from Ksh 300 to Ksh 100,000.

Freelancers bid for jobs based on their skills, availability and willingness to do the particular job they are bidding for. Throughout the process, Buyers and Freelancers communicate ONLY via our messaging platform. File sharing is allowed through the messaging platform including Documents, Audio, Video among other formats. When they come to an agreement, the Buyer picks the freelancer for the job and the job is awarded. For the Buyer to successfully pick a freelancer, he/she needs money in his account. This is the money that will be used to pay the freelancer after the job is done. Buyers can deposit money into their account via our Paybill Number 786936.

Apexlistings does not influence who get's hired for a job unless the Buyer Client asks for recommended freelancers. We have a Reporting Mechanism that both Buyers and Freelancers can use to report spam or suspicious activities.