Due to a big number of inactive freelancers under the Freelancer Basic and Freelancer Plus membership, we are taking control measures which include

  • All Freelancer Basic accounts will need to be upgraded to Plus


  • If the Freelancer was already verified under Basic membership;

                 1. He/she will carry the verification status

                 2. The Upgrade is Free i.e the Freelancer will have a full month subscription for free

  •  If the Freelancer was still unverified under the Basic membership, a subscription fee of Ksh 299 will be paid before the upgrade is effected and the Freelancer can then get verified for free.


  •  Under the Plus membership, adding services is free and every freelancer needs to add services


  • All subscriptions whose expiry goes over 60 days will be deleted.


  • We will offer individualized support to freelancers who are not getting jobs and their services are not getting any orders.


All these measures are to ensure we are working with a limited number of freelancers so that it is easier for us to offer support and also it will be easier for them to get sales for their services.

Question Mark Apexlistings How Do I know if am on  Basic OR Plus membership? The differentiative feature is that Basic has a limit on number of jobs to 10 bids per month.

Therefore if you have a limit on number of jobs you can bid for in a month, that means you are on Basic.


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