As a user of this website, it is important you consider the following measures of safety.

It is very hard to stay ahead of scammers but if you stary alert you will be safe.


  • Do not accept attachments from accounts which you have no project going on.


  • Do not open .exe attachments unless you know what it is


  • No one should ask you of your payment details or account password, it is us who process payments.


  • Change your passwords regularly and do not use public wifi from unknown sources as it is prone to hackers


  • If you log in on a public computer, make sure the browser isn't set to remember your password.


  • Official communication from us only comes in through the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. don't share any details to any other email addresses.


  • Ensure you have installed an anti virus on your machine as a basic safety measure for anyone who uses the internet.


  • Keep your password safe to avoid anyone transacting with your identity.


  • Always scan files for viruses.


  • Report any suspicious activities using the "Report User Icon" available on the profile of the user you are reporting.


  • Do not be quick to give out your phone number, email or social profiles unless you are already hired for the job and these are required to make the project a success.


  • Don’t click on unknown links or enter your credentials on unknown sites.


  • It is more secure for you to communicate via our inbuilt messaging.