Welcome to Apexlistings. Are you looking for advertising options for a small budget? Do you have products or services that interest the youths in Kenya? Get your message to the right people. We offer banner ads at specific positions customized for your budget and business size.

Ad placement is dependent on your type of advertisement. Our team advises the best placement that guarantees maximum CTR for you.

Our strength is, flexibility in all our programs.


Here are our preferred advert types

First Class Ads

 These are products or services that our audience requests for

  • Data Bundles & Internet Related Ads
  • Electronics (Computers & IT devices)
  • Freelance Training
  • Online Courses
  • Freelance Services

Second Class Ads 

These are ANY products or services that spike the interest of the Kenyan Youth.


Advertising Options

You can submit your own banner(728*90px) or have a banner made for you. Bigger banner size available at higher pricing.


You must have a landing page; a website, a blog, or a social media page where visitors can get more information regarding your products or services.



Question Mark Apexlistings As a freelancer on Apexlistings, how can I advertise my services?

If you are a registered freelancer and would like to advertise your services, Click here to see how other freelancers are advertising their services @ only Ksh 99.


Our Audience at a glance

  • 85% of total visitors are between 18 and 34 years
  • 70% are freelancers looking for work
  • 30% are Buyers looking for quick solutions online
  • 30% of the total registered freelancers are full time online workers, 70% part-time 
  • 40% of the total freelancers are experts in freelancing while 60% are beginners. (Hence high demand for freelance training and/or online courses)
  • Audience is growing exponentially



Send your Inquiry via the form below. Put a link to your landing page as well as a brief explanation of your products/services.